Felicia Flick

Los Angeles native, Felicia Flick, began to establish her career in entertainment in November of 1999 at The Los Angeles Film School where she studied producing and minored in editing. Prior to The LA Film School, Felicia studied Civil Engineering for four years at Cal Poly Pomona.

After attending The LA Film School, Felicia worked for Valhalla Motion Pictures, Faye Dunaway, Bedford Falls Group, and Thom Mount (former studio head of Universal Pictures and co-founder of The LA Film School) at RKO Pictures while working on the film, SHADE.

In 2003 Felicia started working for Cathy Schulman at Bull’s Eye Entertainment. During this time Felicia helped Ms. Schulman produce the Academy Award winning film, CRASH, and also assisted her in two other films, THUMBSUCKER, and EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH. Felicia also coordinated the films’ presences at various film festivals including Sundance and The Toronto Film Festival.

In 2005 Felicia became Mel Brooks’ assistant at Brooksfilms. Felicia helped coordinate two international press tours for Mr. Brooks to promote the movie remake of the remake musical, THE PRODUCERS. Mel Brooks was also writing the musical of YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN for Broadway during that time.

Felicia subsequently returned to Cal Poly and finished her bachelor’s degree in 2009, now in Philosophy. She then later became a freelance video editor for RPVtv, Green Ink Marketing, and Guidance Software/Encase.com. A television segment edited by Felicia Flick recently won The 2015 Telly Award, a national award for government programming (The episode was titled “The LAX Control Tower”, which was a part of the series called ARMCHAIR TRAVELER hosted by John Clayton). Felicia is currently the Creative Content Manager at Relativity EuropaCorp Distribution, and also a board member for the Alumni Association of The Los Angeles Film School.

Contact email: felicia@feliciaflick.com