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So…I’ve decided to stop killing bugs (actually a few months ago). I’ve never been one for killing spiders unless it was coming right for me and there was no other choice. Even then I’ve always said some sort of prayer after, it just doesn’t seem right. Especially since some insects are so big that you can’t imagine them not having a consciousness. Now, though, what I’ve come down to is that they all have consciousness, even the tiniest of tiny bugs really aren’t worth killing. Also, why are we killing them? Is it the ew factor? I realized I had some sort of fear that my apartment was going to get overrun by insects if I didn’t kill them all, but now I just don’t care (or I take them outside) – let them crawl all over me if that’s what’s necessary because I will no longer be their killer. Before I had the epiphany I’m going to describe below I even somehow knew this in my bones because it was before this that I made the decision to stop and I’m really proud of myself.

As bugs get bigger, they get harder to kill (as seen in the above photo!). That photo is of a rather large centipede that one of my friends recently found in her house and posted on Facebook. It is freaky looking, but I can’t stop staring at it because it is also freaking gorgeous! I am in awe of all things beautiful and this one is for sure delicate, just like the rest of us (and everything else on the planet). Once you get into macrocosm the microcosm of it all comes into perspective, which leads me to my next point.


I was watching the pilot episode of the Fox’s TV show COSMOS and I was in awe at the end when they pulled back from our earth, into our solar system, into our galaxy, into our cluster of galaxies, and then it pulled back even further for you to see what the whole universe may look like. We are just a milli-spec on a gargantuan dust cloud, merely a grain of sand in the eye of God! That made me realize there’s a commonality between all of us, everything on earth, and the rest of the universe. Everything, (no matter what it is) both is made up of smaller parts and is also a part of a bigger whole. From that distant perspective of the universe you can’t tell the difference between us as individuals and our planet as a whole. Just like all of the cells in our body make up what we think of as our identity, we as people make up the planet and what it sees as its identity. We are people, we are also atoms, we are also a planet. In that way we are the planet – we all make up the planet earth. This includes bugs and all of the smallest organisms. We are all made of the same substance (atoms), and we all make up the same substance (the planet), therefore we are one.

What I am advocating here is basically reductionism. In philosophy, the reductionist theory states that “entities of a given kind are collections or combinations of entities of a simpler or more basic kind. …The idea that physical bodies are collections of atoms…is a form of reductionism.” (Source: Encyclopedia Britannica) A famous reductionist Physicist Richard Feynman once wrote “Everything is made of atoms…everything that animals do, atoms do. In other words, there is nothing that living things do that cannot be understood from the point of view that they are made of atoms acting according to the laws of physics.” Everything can be reduced to smaller parts, and there is a threshold where its identity seems to change for some reason (this is all perspective). If you take away certain parts of a chair when does it stop being a chair? When you take the back off of it doesn’t it become a table? We need to honor all of the parts of our “chair”, meaning mother earth, because once we start determining on our own that certain parts aren’t needed then we are going to be living in a “table” world. I don’t know what that means for us as humans, do you? Do we have the right to act as creators to give and take away life? Do we know what we are doing here? Are we smart enough to be making these decisions?

Interestingly, here is a reductionist quote by Carl Sagan (fitting as he narrated the original COSMOS TV series) “The astonishing fact is that similar mathematics applies so well to planets and to clocks. It needn’t have been this way. We didn’t impose it on the Universe. That’s the way the Universe is. If this is reductionism, so be it.”

Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark


To me it is undeniable that spiders have a consciousness of some sort. The main reason I stopped killing spiders in the first place was because I noticed that they could tell when I was looking at them. That might sound crazy to you, but I dare you to try it yourself. Next time you see a spider running away, focus your attention on it without making a move toward it and I bet you it stops running. Somehow it knows you are watching it and it seems to think that if it stays still maybe you won’t see it (which is very smart, actually, like playing dead). This is why I started feeling really sorry for them after killing them. How are you going to kill something that is so scared of you that it has to freeze up, and then feel ok about it after? So I had to start saying a little prayer, and then one thing lead to another, and now here I am writing this blog.

All bugs seem so much happier with me now, or maybe I’m happier with the bugs and so the feeling transfers to me. Yesterday a wasp, a smallish innocent bee-type thing (maybe it was a fly but it had yellow on it’s back), and a huge flying beetle all flew right by me and it was no big deal – in fact, I was honored that they felt safe around me. I live in the city so there isn’t much nature here. Crickets are lovely too, they have a really delicate hop-walk that I’ve been analyzing. It’s really funny that they can’t walk in a straight line ever! Crickets are a good example of letting yourself get over-run by insects because they might as well be crawling all over me outside of my place! There is nothing I can do about it and I am fine with that, they sing me to sleep and it is a beautiful song.

Beetle collage

About a month ago I was visited by the coolest beetle ever, it looked like an Egyptian scarab beetle with a very distinct “heart shape” on it’s back and I felt so blessed! (See the above photo I took of it on the left). It was about an inch long and I had seen some similar big beetles around my house recently, but all of them were brown and this one was a light green. (See the above two photos of the others I’ve seen on the top right). I was really honored to have the big beetle around so I left it there. It stayed in front of my doorstep all night long and every time I came out to look it was facing a different direction (N-E-S-W). I found out later it is a type of June bug that is much larger than normal June bugs, and in fact, all June bugs are members of the Egyptian scarab beetle family. If you are not familiar with June bugs they seem to only come out in June and they are very innocent creatures. (See the bottom right photo above for an example of what one looks like). They do eat plants (what else are they supposed to eat?) – so you will want to keep them out of your gardens, but please leave them alive!

Don’t squash unless you want to be squashed. Everything has smaller parts and also makes up something bigger; just like there will always be someone bigger, stronger, prettier. We are not here to compete; we are here to be a collective. When we compare ourselves we loose our greatness, our sense of wholeness with each other. Each of us, no matter how small, have our own gifts to give because we all make up this planet/universe and all of its beauty. Shine your light and it will be significant, whatever your capacity will be appreciated and that is exactly what will make you remembered. Your signature is unique and therefore perfect. We are all grains of sand, each as beautiful, each as important, each as necessary. If you are interested in really “going green”, then love your mother (your mother earth), and that means all things on it (bugs, too!) – not just what you choose to appreciate but everything.

Anders Helstrup, Norwegian Skydiver Records Meteorite

Anders Helstrup, Norwegian Skydiver Records Meteorite

Last week a Norwegian skydiver, Anders Helstrup, captured a first ever video of a meteorite that shot past him right after he deployed his parachute. Apparently the search for the rock still continues. (See the video and associated article linked to the image above)

Just like in my “Ground Control To Major Tom” blog about the first music video made in space, this is another groundbreaking celestial cinema first! Never before has a meteorite been recorded in mid-air after its light has gone out. It would be extremely difficult to try to make such a thing happen, given that it is unknown when or where a meteorite will hit our atmosphere. However, with the abilities of new technology it makes sense that someone would find themselves in a situation where they are in mid-air with a Go Pro camera, and here we have it, a statistical anomaly has been recorded for posterity.

“Remarkable Story Of Chicken Little” – 1865 edition

‘The sky is falling’ is a famous term from the children’s story, “Chicken Little”, and apparently versions of this story go back more than 25 centuries. (See above Chicken Little story link). So perhaps seeing a shooting star is good luck because you presumably lived to tell the tale and therefore since you are so lucky you deserve your wish come true? That is my humble analysis.

It should be noted that the term, “The Sky Is Falling” is from Chicken Little, but has nothing to do with shooting stars (but rather a sort of fear mongering that is sort of like crying wolf). I just thought the “Sky Is Falling” term was so appropriate in this case of this skydiver, because to him that is exactly how it appeared!

When you wish upon a star...

When you wish upon a star…

The term “shooting star” originally came from ancient times, before advanced science, when there were actually thought to be stars shooting across the night sky. Now we know it is actually not a star at all, but rather a meteorite that burns up as it passes through the earth’s atmosphere. (Source article linked up to below image)

Shooting stars are a symbol of hope in our society. They provide the idea that there are unknown things out there, and the possibility of a granted wish. Apparently the wish originates from ancient Greece, it was believed that the stars were leaked from the Heavens and while the God’s were looking down on us they were more receptive to hear our wishes. (Source article linked up to above image)

Did Helstrup’s wish come true? According to the article about the skydiver and his meteorite, if he had jumped just two seconds later it would’ve ripped him in half – Anders Helstrup couldn’t be luckier, and it seems his wish has been granted.

My Meteorite Necklace

My Meteorite Necklace – formerly a shooting star

Someone very special recently gave me a piece of a meteorite that had been made into a necklace, which was quite possibly the most meaningful and serendipitous gift I’ve received (most of the reasons I won’t go into here). This is a rare item that I will cherish forever. It is my kind of jewelry, unique and natural. It looks very mysterious. It definitely doesn’t look like a star, nor does it glow. Looking at it I am reminded of Superman’s Kryptonite, and what’s funny is that they both come from outer space.

The coincidences that surround shooting stars provide a mystical element to the moment in which they are viewed. They take us out of our everyday reality just for an instant and give us hope. It is a reminder that we should be thankful for the present, and that at anytime something spectacular could happen!

The Music Needs You - Copyrite 2001 EAM Entertainment

EDM is the new mainstream music fad, but what we know now as Electronic Dance Music has actually been around for quite a while. What’s new is the process of making the music sounds and also that it has crept out from inside of the underground scene. It wasn’t always called Electronic Dance Music, either (or EDM for short). At first these musical sounds were termed “Techno”, the first time I remember hearing this kind of music was C+C Music Factory in the 80’s. Then after that people were calling it “Electronica”, which is a beautiful name for the genre and I have no idea why the name didn’t stick (maybe it’s too complicated for everyone?). For a while after that, and even up to this point in my circles, it is called “Electronic Music”, which seems strait forward, doesn’t it? Well, apparently not everyone else agrees and so yet another a new term has slipped in and it has now been coined EDM or “Electronic Dance Music”. Personally, I don’t like calling it EDM. For some reason it feels like it cheapens the whole thing. Everything I have heard that is called EDM actually doesn’t pay homage to the real artists that previously spun vinyl, nor does it have the same musical variations. There are two types now in my opinion, both EDM and Electronic Music, but the names are not differentiated enough so now it is all getting blended together for people on the outside. I guess one reason why the EDM name urkes me is that it denotes that we are all just “fist pumping” in some club, and really not the type of “dancing” that one would do at a rave or a music festival. One should not be confused with the other.

So, is electronic music here to stay? The above sticker was made to “save the music”, and I’d say the music was evidently saved since that was from a party that friend’s of mine threw over a dozen years ago.

"Made In America" - directed by Ron Howard

“Made In America” – directed by Ron Howard

Director Ron Howard recently chronicled Jay Z’s MADE IN AMERICA film festival in his documentary film of the same name. In the film, Skrillex, a huge DJ, even gives Ron Howard “pointers” on how to DJ electronic music. Apparently Jay Z has confirmed once and for all that this music is here to stay as he was quoted in the film stating “EDM, people are dismissing as a fad sort of like they did hip-hop, that I think is going to be a bit more sticky. I think it’s good music of the next generation, it’s their soundtrack, it’s their music they’re claiming as they own. They’ll buy hip-hop and they’ll buy other music but they’re like “this music is ours.” Kid’s don’t want to listen to their dad’s music, they want to be on the cutting edge of something new, and I think this is something they can claim.” (See the source article linked to the above image, there is a link to the “Made In America” documentary there also.) It means a lot to have the stamp of approval from such a mainstream pop artist, like Jay Z, because for so long Electronic Music, and now EDM, have been the red-headed step child of the music industry. I live in Los Angeles and there isn’t a single radio station that is dedicated to just Electronic beats. I do know that the world-wide popularity of Electronic Music has been much greater than in the US. I bet the term EDM was made in America.


I used to be a full-fledged raver; I was excited about the socially deviant aspect and fascinated with its elements of social unity and artistic expression in the forms of music, fashion, and dance. I went to dozens of raves/massives from 1999-2002. Most of it I filmed on camera while I was in film school, in hopes to one day make it into a documentary about the phenomenon of so many young people coming together (and so often) all in the name of music. The underground scene was about F.A.M.I.L.Y. (Friends And Music I Love You) and values like P.L.U.R. (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) used to be tenets that everyone at these parties lived by. There is a great sense of belonging when the community is fostered the right way. Mainstream dance clubs don’t seem to have this same effect, and although the music is still “Electronic” there is also a lack of skill needed for the artistic expression…which brings me to my next point.

Electronic music is an art, whether or not you spin vinyl records or use a computer to “scratch” your beats – it is all music, I do admit. However, spinning vinyl is much more of a skill. I just think that it takes much more physical coordination to put on a record, line up the needle, match beats, and scratch physically using your hands. Nowadays just about anyone can go to any club and “dance” to electronic music while a DJ “spins” on their laptop. It just seems to me that a DJ on a computer could fake their talent pretty easily; I’m sure there’s an “app” for that.


PHOTO CREDIT: TGB/Splash News, Theo Wargo/WireImage

PHOTO CREDIT: TGB/Splash News, Theo Wargo/WireImage

Recently Miley Cyrus has been taking a lot of heat for wearing scantily clad outfits (and in some cases no outfits at all), and dancing provocatively (via a new style called “twerking”) in a few of her recent musical appearances/videos.

In defense of Miley’s recent controversial antics, in a recent interview (linked above) Lady Gaga really turns the tables and points the finger at us – what is our problem anyway?

Is it really the end of the world that Miley is so young and acting this way? After all she is 20 years old, not a teenager. A formerly wholesome pre-teen icon turned edgy rule-breaker…this is not the first time that has happened. So I agree with Gaga, “…if you have a problem with it, just change the channel.”

I am actually pretty happy to hear that Lady Gaga stood up and alerted us all that the recent gossip really is nonsense and questions why everyone is so focused on Miley Cyrus and her current shenanigans. Every time I hear words that Gaga speaks I am reminded that not only are her intentions for artistic expression, but that she is extremely intelligent as well (actually way more than the mainstream gives her credit).

PHOTO CREDIT: Di Crollalanza/Sipa /Rex Features

PHOTO CREDIT: Di Crollalanza/Sipa /Rex Features

Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus (famous country singer), made a great comment on his daughter’s controversial performance at the VMA awards by saying, “It wouldn’t have mattered if Miley would have worn jeans and a flannel shirt… a tux… or a nun’s habit. The song’s a smash and her performance vocally on the tune reflects her roots and sheer God-given talent.”

I have linked the article explaining the Miley Cyrus controversy to the above photo, and I have linked the video of Miley’s controversial stint at the VMA’s to the below photo.

The real truth is that Miley is a singer and an artist, and just like Lady Gaga (and other singers, like Madonna) there are fans that want exactly what Miley is putting out. People love to point the finger at everyone else, but I when it comes time to be put on the spot themselves, no one wants to put themselves out there. No one wants to be the “weird” one, yet everyone wants to watch the “weird” ones. Well Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus put themselves out there for their art and for the world, and for that and I think they should be commended.



Looking at Miley then and now we can see there is a huge contrast, and I think she is trying to make it very clear that there is no place for Hannah Montana anymore. Lady Gaga even mentions that insight in her interview “…and maybe she’s not so happy with stuff she did in her career when she was younger and she wants to be free, so let her do what she wants.”

Linked above is the video of the most recent controversial experience for Miley, which was her barely clothed twerking at the VMA’s during the two musical acts “We Can’t Stop” and “Blurred Color Lines”. These performances don’t seem any worse than anything I’ve seen from Britney Spears. The only difference here is the glimmer in Miley’s eye when she can tell that what she’s doing is getting under everyone’s skin. Honestly, I think everyone who is making a big deal about her right now is just provoking her to delve even further into being a rebel.



In my opinion, sometimes Lady Gaga makes some exquisite choices in fashion (above), and sometimes they are borderline (like an all-meat outfit to an awards show?!). In her interview (linked at the very top) Gaga defends these types of decisions whilst making a great point about Miley and her recent choices, “I mean, I just think everybody needs to lighten up and leave her alone. Because it’s pop music. Everybody’s entitled to their own artistic expression…”

In Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” video (which I have linked to the above photo), there are a few shots of Miley riding on the actual wrecking ball completely naked. This can be viewed as an analogy for how vulnerable she was feeling (as it is a break-up song), as an artistic choice, and not one to exploit her body.

Lady Gaga also reminds us in her interview that Miley Cyrus has been forced to grow up in front of the world, not an easy task. Miley may be young, but she probably is more mature than any of us were at her age. So watch out because Miley Cyrus has something to prove. R.I.P. Hannah Montana.


I had the wonderful opportunity this last weekend to attend Lightning in a Bottle, which is an amazing music festival thrown every year by my good friends at The Do Lab. This year volunteered in exchange for my ticket, and I got to work all weekend at Temple of Consciousness stage where mostly spiritual speakers and music were going to be heard. This was my fourth year attending, and due to my good fortune I have been a part of this experience since the early years of the festival. I went to the third LIB in 2002 when I first started hanging out with the Orange Kids (parts of that group later spawned off to become what is now known as The Do Lab).


The highlight of the festival (for me) was to see my favorite DJ, The Human Experience, who I heard was to spin at the Temple stage. Once I got there I found out he would spin at 5:30am on Saturday morning so I stayed up all night (unenhanced) just to be able to hear his set. I was really bummed when I got to the Temple and found out that the cops had just shut down all of the speakers because of a neighborhood complaint. Sadly, I returned to my tent so that I could get some much needed sleep to work again at the Temple later that day. Once I woke up I found out that The Human Experience did indeed play a set that morning, albeit an acoustic one, that was about an hour later than originally scheduled. Apparently he likes to play the sunrise set, and I assume it is because his music really resonates well during that time of day. I caught parts of his sunrise set on New Year’s Eve 2012 at Hummingbird Ranch and it was spectacular!

The Human Experience CD cover

I never got to see The Human Experience play at Lightning in a Bottle, so I jumped at the chance when I got the invitation to his CD release party (for his CD “Soul Visions with Rising Appalachia”, linked above) at King King this last Tuesday. The universe works in mysterious ways, because what I saw when I arrived made my heart sink. I had been standing less than ten feet from this person the entire weekend while I was working at the Temple stage of the LIB festival! I didn’t realize until that moment that I never really knew what this DJ looked like in-person (when I saw him previously he was spinning with another person), and I was now full of regrets that I unknowingly bypassed an incredible opportunity to (at the very least) show my appreciation. Everything all started to make sense as bits of information I had previously heard started flashing through my mind. The Human Experience is a person named David Block, a fellow Do Labber. Of course he was working closely with the festival. With all of my experience working for celebrities and top producer/director’s in Hollywood, one would think I would’ve learned my lesson by now – act with grace and humility toward everyone around you as you really don’t know who they are or what they will become. Lesson learned!

Top Gun

Something great! I just watched an awesome video interview of Giovanni Giorgio Moroder, the legend of disco that we all should know more about if we are going to be up all night at the club trying to ‘get lucky’. He is apparently THE legend of disco (and also touted in the video I saw as ‘one of the creators of electronic music’), but my generation probably would know him best by his contribution to the film, TOP GUN, as he composed the hit song by Berlin, “Take My Breath Away”. But…he also composed the classic song by Irene Cara, “Flashdance (What a Feeling)”, to give you an idea of the caliber of Moroder’s clout in the disco world. The newest auditory contribution Moroder has made is another interview he did with Daft Punk, which they have integrated into their song titled, “Giorgio by Moroder”. This track is a true gem, and can be found on Daft Punk’s recently released album titled, “Random Access Memories”.


This song, “Giorgio by Moroder”, an impressive blend of Moroder talking about his life and his beginning in music, is intermingled with incredible disco, which progresses into some of the best beats I’ve heard all year, and then culminates into amazing futuristic rock. The song is also extremely excellent as far as it’s story-telling capabilities (there are many levels here, we have Moroder telling his story, whilst Daft Punk tells their story through music in response to his comments). And the whole time Daft Punk manages to keep the entire piece very engaging, it is almost like an ‘audio documentary’ of sorts mixed in with some of the best modern beats, which is why these guys remain one of the greatest modern DJ groups! I think this is my favorite song now. If you haven’t heard it yet you should definitely check it out! Here is a link if you want to listen to it on YouTube:

The thing I love about “Giorgio by Moroder” is how it reveals that what Moroder was composing early on was so ground breaking for his time. He wanted to put the sound of the future into his music while still preserving sounds of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Then he brought synthesizer and clicking noises to the music as well to give us the beginning of the modern club music that we have today. There is an AWESOME quote embedded in the song: “Once you free your mind about a concept of harmony and of music being correct, you can do whatever you want. So no one told me what to do, and there was no preconception of what to do…” This song is an inspiration to me because it says: Once you free your mind about a concept…of being correct, you can do whatever you want!


At first it just seemed like a really great Sci-Fi movie, but I know right away people started thinking…maybe this could really happen?  Honestly, it is hard to deny that THE TERMINATOR’s scenario would be everyone’s worst nightmare if Artificial Intelligence (AI) machines were to take over society, but apparently for some reason modern day science still wants to see how close it can get.

Thankfully, the UN has stepped in and is now demanding more ethical research into the matter before they will allow military use of AI to proceed, and a moratorium on use of AI in the military has now been put into place. “War without reflection is mechanical slaughter.” Said human rights expert Christof Heyns at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, which was covered by BBC news last Thursday in the video I have linked below (the original link I saw on MSNBC is now not working for some reason.):


During my Cognitive Science and Philosophy of the Mind coursework, I studied this topic of AI’s potential future role in the military and it is a topic that I am very serious about. I even contemplated going to grad school to study technology ethics so that I may join the philosophical conversation on this particular issue. 1) AI machines are man-made, but their “minds” are not programmed by humans to react in certain ways; they learn how to do this on their own and are autonomous. 2) I believe we as humans have a mind with a consciousness that does not exist in this physical world.* 3) Therefore, I believe that it is impossible to manufacture a “man-made mind” that is in any every way similar to a human’s mind, let alone one that can exist in an AI machine. Because of this I do not believe that an AI machine can possibly make the paramount ethical decisions that are required for military use, namely the decision of who to kill and who not to kill.

I don’t think that mainstream society understands how often THE TERMINATOR film is mentioned regarding this particular issue, because philosophers bring it up all the time! We may think of it as an imaginary scenario, but I probably talked about it every day and in more than a handful of classes when I was studying philosophy of science for my bachelor’s degree.

The above photo is cropped from an original TERMINATOR poster that I got while I was working at Pacific Western Productions (now Valhalla Motion Pictures), the production company that brought us the first 3 films in THE TERMINATOR series. Despite my distaste for AI in the military, I really love all of the movies from this saga…I’ll be back!

*It should be noted that this is not the view of mainstream science.

**Also a little credit should be given to Pink Floyd for the majority of my article title.


I admit it, I am an 80’s TV rerun junkie. Sometimes it is embarrassing to accept, though, that I’d rather sit at home watching The Golden Girls back-to-back than most of the new television content that’s out there.

Last night while I was watching Cheers (like ya do), it hit me. I watch faithfully and loyally because the folks from 80’s-TV-land are really just old friends and family as far as I’m concerned. Just like in the Neverending Story, where Sebastian was there the whole time with Atreyu on his fantastic journey; I was there with Sam Malone during both of his love affairs with Diane and Rebecca. When Arnold said “what-chu-talkin’ about Willis?” I knew what he was talkin’ about!

I spent most of my childhood watching TV…namely Three’s Company, Facts of Life, Roseanne, and the Wonder Years (but believe me there were many many more). Those characters are just as familiar to me as if they were my own family members and they have the ability to console me as much as my closest friends. I’m so thankful that they are forever encapsulated in time. Even though they’ve taken away Blockbuster, I’m stoked they haven’t taken away my 80’s TV reruns. I’ll cheers to that!

Ground Control to Major Tom

I feel obligated to write about the first music video in space, which if you haven’t seen yet (linked above) was a glorious rendition of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” (posted yesterday by Chris Hadfield, an astronaut from Canada). If video killed the radio star, and internet killed the video store, and space is the final frontier…then…did space kill the internet?

Well, yes, I’d say Hadfield “killed it” with almost 2 million views in less than 24 hours!

This is definitely a benchmark in digital entertainment, as space is no longer our final frontier. I think another reason why this seems significant to me is that I vaguely remember that the first script I “covered” in Hollywood was titled aptly, GROUND CONTROL TO MAJOR TOM. If memory serves me correct, it was just the David Bowie song drawn out at length into a feature screenplay. Anyway, it was a great sample of the caliber of scripts that one generally reads while doing said coverage.

Kudos to you, Chris Hadfield. And clever song pick, no-one could do that from a better viewpoint! We all wish we were staring back at Earth from outer space. YOU are officially the most interesting man in the world. Dos Equis had better watch out.

There's Always Money in the Banana Stand

Okay okay, so right when I put my foot in my mouth and bash Netflix, they come back and TOTALLY REDEEM THEMSELVES!

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about (or are somehow blind to my above pic but yet still reading this story), Netflix is coming out with SEASON 4 of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (Airing exclusively on Netflix on May 26th). I’m so happy I could cry. There have been rumors of this for years, and I know there is a movie in the works. I am just happy that we get to experience the mayhem and madness of a whole brand new season of Arrested Development one more time!

This show has a dry satirical humor that is definitely an acquired taste. Fortunately, the taste can be acquired by watching the show in its entirety from the beginning. The writing is incredibly witty, and the jokes build on each other. There are millions of inside jokes that can slip through the cracks if you don’t pay attention. Don’t dare miss an episode or you might not understand what’s going on because it travels so fast!

I predict this will be a hit. The comedy is sharp and the characters are even sharper. I own all three existing seasons on DVD and have seen every episode a hand full of times. Every time I watch an episode there is something new that I didn’t catch before and I can’t help but chuckle. This show is always funny, no matter what…so don’t forget, there’s always money in the banana stand!

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